Across the gulf of space...

The arrival of the first cylinder

The cylinder opens...

Martian Fighting Machine


“The War of the Worlds”
Final Major College Project, 1996

My HND Final Major Project represented a culmination of everything learnt during the two-year course. For it, I decided to produce a trailer for a proposed new film version of H.G.Well's "The War of the Worlds". This was an opportunity to push my existing CGI skills to the limit, as well as getting me involved in (what was then) new and exciting areas of CGI such as video compositing.

The 3D elements were created using a combination of Imagine 3.0 and Lightwave 3.0, composited with video footage (taken from various war films) in Premiere 4 and edited to a soundtrack I composed using OctaMED SoundStudio on my Amiga 1200.

Concept artwork