That Insidious Beast : End Video Companion Piece - May 2009

That Insidious Beast is an original fiction series by Zack Parsons, published at SomethingAwful. It's a weird set of stories describing "a world that is not quite our own". I absolutely loved the series and was thrilled to help produce this little mood video piece which acted as a coda to the final entry.

Zack edited the opening montage, while I built the long pseudo-animated panorama and credits section in After Effects, using artwork from Joss Hass. The soundtrack is a track called "Faded Giant" by Conelrad. I highly recommend listening to his stuff while reading the series :)

Read all the chapters here:

1. Magnum P.I.
2. TV Infodot Mix-ups
3. Televised Broadcast Schedule
4. Holy Hand Broadcasting
5. A Great Haul
6. The Ghosts of Brier Hill
7. Active Area
8. Counterprogramming
9. Field Dominance
10. Screen Burn
11. Incompatible Format
12. Fall Sweeps
13. Delta Frame
14. Master Copy