Moby - 'The Greatest Hits - DVD edition'
Dir. Ross Hallard, July 2006 / Mute Records


I edited this demo together from the motion graphics work I did on a Moby Documentary that was on the DVD for "Moby - The Greatest Hits". There was a slight lack of raw video footage to work with, but plenty of photo archives, so the decision was taken to create a lot of animation from the photos in a similar style to the film "the kid stays in the picture". I assembled a team of six photoshop artists and two additional after effects artists. The photoshop guys went through the photos, cutting them up into layers and cloning/painting in new backgrounds underneath the cut out sections. These were then put into After Effects, where they were positioned in 3D space and camera moves set up. Additional particle and lighting effects were also added at this stage to make the shots seem more alive. All in all, there were over 100 animation shots produced for this.