The Magic Numbers
"Hymn to her"

Dir. Mat Whitecross, Sept. 2004

Post Production by Digital Distortion.

Keying and Compositing by:
Dan Sollis
Adam Garner
Kristian Bjureby

This was a small indy promo shot on 16mm with a micro budget (under £3K). Shooting on film was fantastic. Unfortunately it ate pretty much all our measly budget before we even started any post production. To help with the enormous quantity of compositing and blue-screen work involved, I had the assistance of two other After Effects artists - Adam Garner and Kristian Bjureby. I handled the comping for the start, the end and a good chunk of the middle.

Despite the huge struggles we had with this, I'm fairly happy with the end result. The band themselves are a fantastic bunch of guys, and it was a pleasure to meet them on the shoot.