Fujiya & Miyagi
"Sore Thumb"
Dir. Wade Shotter,
December 2008

Grading/compositing by Digital Distortion
Operators: Dan Sollis, Fernando Reginato, Mark Jores & Rachel Blewitt

Production Company: Draw Pictures

There were a couple of dozen compositing and VFX shots on this video, but most of the time spent was actually on the less glamourous work of clean up and grading! We isolated the band's faces and applied separate grades to their wireframe bodies. We roto'ed out any trace of the black bodystockings the band were wearing so there was a clean wireframe look. Same for the floors & walls.

Our workflow was similar to previous Fujiya videos. The edit was done in FCP, then afterwards exported as a media managed sequence for us. Using Automatic Duck, we borught the whole edit into After Effects, where custom scripts collapsed the timeline down to a managable shot list.

It's an awesome video and one everyone involved was thrilled to be a part of!