Final Version

Raw version (No FX, no grade)


Divergent Outcome
Dir. Dan Sollis,
October 2009

A short film by Dan Sollis, with Audio Design by Phil Trease.

Shall we play a game? Today's scenario is thermonuclear war. Date chosen is 1968.



This was my entry for the Getty Films "MishMash" competition. Created using stock footage from the Getty archives, I crafted this tale of "Simulated Alternative History" using Final Cut and After Effects. I spent some time modifying the shots to all fit together visually to hopefully create some something that feels like coherent strytelling and hope you find the finished piece to be moving. if you do, a lot of that is no doubt to do with the outstanding audio mashup by Phil Trease from two source tracks: "Uraca" by James Piorkowski and "Strochnich" by klUtch.

It didn't get shortlisted, perhaps because much of the work spent on it was not immediately obvious. Or it was just too damn gloomy for the Judge's taste! For comparison, I've also put the ungraded, un-FX'd version below as well, so you can compare and contrast yourself.