Here's something I finished recently for the Discovery Channel - a 30 second promo for a one-off special about the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. It's entirely CG, created and rendered in LW. There's two versions, here's the first:

And the second:

I guess what's most special about this project was the time spent on it - or lack thereof! It was, quite frankly, an insane turnaround (a necessity given the topical nature of the programme). This went from conception to final delivery in just 4 days (with a slightly rougher earlier version aired after just 2 days!), which must be some kind of record. No, I didn't get much sleep!

As always, Lightwave helped keep the process pretty damn fast and easy-ish. We used external render farms to render the final thing so we could hit the deadline. And to be make sure, we used two different farms: ResPower and - who were both great and very helpful. I did some final sweetening of the finished thing in After Effects, using the Lightwave-AE Interchange to send the camera and light across so we could add optical flares to some of the shots.


Flight 370: The Missing Links
Dir. Robert Samuels,
April 2014

Produced for The Discovery Channel

3D CG modelling, animation and editing by Digital Distortion

Sound design by UNIT