Melissa Auf Der Maur
“Real a lie”

Dir. Scott Lyon, 2004

The unusual “stop-motion” look of this video comes from the unique way it was made - it was shot entirely on High-end Digital Stills Cameras. We made use of a 5-second 40 frame “burst” mode to shoot the band segment by segment. We also shot them playing back to a 1/3rd speed version of the track for parts where it slips from 8 FPS to 25. Shooting with high-res stills meant we could also make use of tight digital zooms in post.

Working on the shoot as post-production supervisor, I gathered and helped organise all the rushes (photo sequences) as they came from the various camera operators. These were then exported from After Effects as HD quicktimes for editing.

In post, I was also responsible for comping the first chorus montage. I converted the offline edit of this section into an AE comp using Automatic Duck then worked into it further. I used frame blending to give the footage motion a more dreamlike temporal quality. Additive blending was used on the video layers to create a more photographic look.