Fujiya Miyagi
"Ankle Injuries"

Dir. Wade Shotter, 2007
Agency: Factory Films

Animation by Wade Shotter and others, Conform, grading and additional post handled by Digital Distortion.

This video was created by rotoscoping video footage (largely by hand) in Photoshop. I came into the project after most of the animation was complete and was tasked with creating the online version. To create the finished piece, I conformed the various animation clips in After Effects. Once this was ready, I then also used AE to paint out glitchy frames and elements, adding subtle lense distortion, blurs, and vignettes (to create the look of macro-photography) and adding a tiny, almost imperceptible amount of camera wobble. Finally, every shot was colour matched, grain added and then graded to give the whole piece a warmer, pre-digital analog feel.