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We've moved!
(posted 23-06-10)

Digital Distortion has a new home: 1 Noel Street. It's a bit bigger, though I'm going to miss the views we had from the rooftop of the old office. On the plus side, moving here has encouraged me to finally try out Maletti's (which is pretty much opposite us) and now I have, I can't believe it's taken me this long. Pizza Fantastisco!

Shadow Mapping in Particular 2
(posted 20-01-10)

I've been doing some experiments in After Effects to create shadows from Particular Objects. I've done this using manually built shadow projection comps using special scenes where the light is replaced with a camera.

Find ouf more and download the project files here.

Divergent Outcome
(posted 18-12-09)

My short film - Divergent Outcome - entered in the 2009 Getty Images "MishMash" competition, is now available to view in my portfolio here. As a bonus, I've also uploaded a raw version, showing how it looked before I went to town on it in After Effects and mashed up some pixels.

Resources section updated, ScreamerNet guide
(posted 23-11-09)

I've just spent a couple of days wrestling with Lightwave's Network Renderer - ScreamerNet. It's a clunky old beast and took a lot of research and testing to get it working, so much so I thought I'd share the knowledge I gained in the form of a guide. So here it is: ScreamerNet OSX for Lightwave 9.6 UB

Hope this is of use to Mac 'Wavers across the world - and let me know if you spot any errata. I'm curious to know if the Config files need to be updated if your Content Directory changes - or if can just be overwritten in the terminal.

Particular 2. Now, even more awesome.
(posted 09-07-09)

Just bought the upgrade to Particular 2. It's fantastic, read about it here, watch a quick demo and download the AE project!

After Effects Scripts
(posted 21-05-09)

Or rather "Script" as I've only uploaded one so far, but it is handy. It's designed to be used as part of a RED workflow - particularly when Avid enters the equation.

There's workflow notes too. Go look now!

Fujiya & Miyagi - "Sore Thumb"
(posted 10-02-09)

Our first news update of 2009! It's been a while since we updated our front page. Not that we haven't been busy. In fact, quite the opposite - we've been working our betty swollocks off and updating the site always up being deprioritised. We'll put up more stuff soon. In the meantime, here's a Fujiya & Miyagi video we did post-production on in December last year - check it out - it's really awesome!

Fujiya & Miyagi - "Knickerbocker"
(posted 05-08-08)

The latest video for Fujiya & Miyagi has hit the front page of Promo News, as well as being selected for BUG 08. Directed by Wade Shotter of Draw Pictures, it was a post-production tour de force for Digital Distortion - where masses of the latest expensive hardware were pressed into the service of making something that looks very old indeed :)
See it for yourself and find out how we did it here.

Portfolio updates
(posted 11-06-08)

I've added some more work examples to the portfolio section, as well as updating some older pages which were broken by recent updates to Quicktime (embedded flash files in Quicktimes no longer seem to be supported).

Videos added: Cage The Elephant, The Young Knives, The Klaxons
Videos updated: Kasabian, The Magic Numbers, Steve Malkmus

Adobe Inspired Media - example files now online
(posted 06-09-07)

The files I created for my talk on the 28th of August are now available to download in the Resources section. Enjoy!

Adobe Inspired Media - After Effects talk
(posted 30-08-07)

Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk at the Curzon Soho last Tuesday. It was the first time I've ever done a public talk, so if I looked nervous you now know why! I've had some really nice feedback from people already, but If you've got any questions about any of the stuff I talked about, email me. I'll post up the After Effects project I used in the presentation in the Resources section soon, I just have to clear some of the material with the copyright holders.

Also - just to clear something up - I did make one innocent gaffe. I said that After Effects CS3 supported direct manipulation of pixels so you could create pseudo-plugins using simple scripting (like Shake). Sadly, this isn't the case. You can read image data using scripting now, but you can't write it. Shame. I'm hoping this situation will change in the future though.

Finally, for your reference the websites I mentioned at the end were www.creativecow.net and www.aenhancers.com.The Adobe Forums are also a great resource.

Fujiya & Miyagi - "Ankle Injuries"
(posted 15-05-07)

The video's been released so I can finally reveal it here. Ch-ch-check it out. It's dead good.

New videos
(posted 09-05-07)

I've added a couple of videos to the portfolio section. I heartily suggest you take a peak at them, particularly the Kathryn Williams one which is a an FX biggie. There's also an edit of the work I did on the Moby Greatest Hits DVD last year. I'm itching to upload the most recent video I worked on - "Ankle Injuries" by Fujiya Miyagi - but apparently it's still under embargo. It's a fantastic promo by Wade Shotter, for which I did the online grade and additional post. Look out for it soon in the portfolio section.

Office Move
(posted 06-06-06)

I've moved offices! The new premises has tons more space and should provide an excellent base for future growth, both for myself and for Pulse Films. The new address is 36 Berwick Street. The contact page has been updated.

The Road to Guantanamo
(posted 19-04-06)

Somewhat belatedly, I should mention that "The Road to Guantanamo" - a film for which I (alongside long-time collaborator Adam Garner) produced all VFX shots - won a Silver Bear at The Berlin Film Festival. You can find out more about the VFX in the portfolio section of the site here.

New 2006 showreel now available
(posted 15-12-05)

My new edited reel is now finished, along with a completely revamped portfolio DVD. For details check out the Portfolio section. In a break with tradition, I've decided to put it online in both Quicktime and Windows Media format. The Quicktime version is encoded using the new H264 codec and needs quicktime 7 or higher. It's better quality, but also significantly smaller than the WMV version.

Eat liquid slurry, spam bots!
(posted 16-03-05)

I finally got sick of all the automated spam bots harvesting my email address on the Contact page and have the replaced the HTML link with a flash embedded one. OK so it won't work if you don't have the flash plugin installed, but hey - since the navigation uses flash anyway if you don't have it you're pretty stuffed anyway on this site. It only needs flash 3 or higher - I'm not a monster ;)

Digital Distortion version 3 launched
(posted 10-01-05)

Completely redesigned in HTML (with some flash used on the navigation), the new version of Digital Distortion is now online. The original 100% flash version was getting too unwieldy to update and wasn't being picked up by search engines. The original version can still be accessed below (for fans of gratuitious flash eye-candy)

Original Flash-based DD site